Bamboo Release v22.9.7.1 (September 7, 2022)

The following list relates all changes in the latest updates to Bamboo


  • General
    • Fixed a minor UI bug in which some words weren't without the first letter capitalized
    • Improved the UX while clicking and slightly moving the mouse
  • Performance Report
    • Added the ability to export an excel file with the details of the report
  • Clients
    • Now clients already added to a pricing group are hidden when adding more clients
  • Products
    • Fixed a bug while generating SKU values
  • Inventory Allocations
    • Added new "Clear all Qty/MSW" and "Clear Order Limits" buttons
  • Offers
    • Fixed a bug in which the "Clear All Limits" and "Clear All Prices" buttons weren't working
    • Fixed a bug in which product images weren't shown
  • Orders 
    • Added the main contact's information and the client comments on the purchase order
    • Fixed a bug in which available quantities for ordered products were adjusted by changing the price


  • Licenses
    • Added the ability to add licenses with CCRS regulator