Bamboo Release v22.7.28.1 (July 28, 2022)

The following list relates all changes in the latest updates to Bamboo


  • Performance Report
    • Now the client's section of the "Reports By Client" tab shows all clients 
    • Fixed a bug on the graph of the Sales Rep Overview section of the "Reps Per Category" tab of the Performance Report
  • Opportunities Report
    • Implemented the preliminary release
  • Distribution Lists
    • Fixed a bug in which distribution lists couldn't be deleted
  • Orders
    • Fixed a bug in which users couldn't cancel an order which had the related inventory allocation unlocked
    • Added the ability to download PO and invoice split by brand
    • Now if an order is cancelled, the corresponding stock values are updated for offer, inventory allocations and reports.
    • Added a new "Product Name" column on the exported excel file of an order
  • Campaign
    • Fixed a bug in which campaigns couldn't be opened if an MSW value of the related inventory allocation was modified 
    • Added the ability for retailers and clients to add a comment on the checkout page of an offer menu
    • Now the header row of a section on the offer menu remains sticky on top
    • Modified the email template of campaigns to have as default always the sales rep assigned to the client
    • Added the retailer's name on top of the offer menu for reference
    • Improve the navigation of the offer menu using the sidebar menu, by making sure the user lands on the category name if he clicks a category.