Bamboo Release v21.10.28.4 (October 28, 2021)

The following list relates all changes in the latest updates to Bamboo


  • Updated date filter logic
  • Numerous enhancements to allow for better and easier user of application on mobile and tablet


  • No updates were made to the portal in this update


  • Lotted Inventory
    • Enhanced the Adjust Inventory modal to allow users to view the current quantity when adjusting the quantity
    • Added ability to make a lot available for sale
    • Added ability to make a lot unavailable for sale
    • Added lot details page
    • Various improvements to the On Hold / Hold actions
  • QA Samples
    • Added filter to the QA Samples module to allow for easier filtering of QA samples
    • Enhanced weight display of QA samples to allow for two decimal places
    • Fixed an issue preventing the QA samples search from working
  • Outbound Manifests - General
    • Added ability to view the status of an outbound manifest
    • Added ability to mark an In Transit manifest as Ready for Pickup
    • Added ability to void a manifest
    • Added ability to publish a manifest
    • Added ability to select the recipient of a manifest
    • Added ability to select a licensed transporter for a manifest
    • Added an ability to cancel a manifest
  • Outbound Manifests - QA Samples
    • Added ability to filter by unique attributes
  • Outbound Manifests - Transfers
    • Added ability to create an outbound transfer manifest from various sections in Trace
    • Added ability to edit an outbound transfer manifest
  • Plants
    • Added ability to retrieve multiple plants through scanning


  • Clients - Pricing Groups
    • Added ability to add pricing groups
    • Added ability to add clients to a pricing group
    • Added ability to add products to a pricing groups
    • Added ability to delete a pricing group
    • Added pricing group actions