Bamboo Release v21.9.10.1 (September, 13 2021)

The following list relates all changes in the latest updates to Bamboo


  • Refactored CSS Utility System
  • Separated database for auth system for user roles
  • Adjusted sidebar function and design
  • Adjusted Tabs through apps
  • Adjusted context menu design
  • Adjusted module tables for improved performance
  • Adjusted toggle design in various modules
  • Fixed an issue where modules in the sidebar were not being highlighted to show users where they were at
  • Adjusted module filters to better display filter


  • General
    • Fixed an issue where a new user was unable to access Trace
    • Adjusted the sign up icon size
    • Disable old trial mode message and countdown


  • General
    • Modified the application header
  • Propagations
    • Fixed an issue where users were unable to create propagation batches in certain instances
  • Rooms
    • Fixed an issue where when deleting a room the delete modal was not disappearing after finalizing the deletion
  • Products
    • Fixed price field so it is now optional
    • Added ability to add a strain when creating a product
    • Added ability to add a category when creating a product
  • Products > Taxonomy
    • Added ability to filter based on state category
  • Conversions
    • Added Conversions table
    • Added ability to add lots to an existing conversion


  • Accounts
    • Added row menu options
  • General
    • Modify application header