Create a Template

A template uses the attributes for a category and combines its terms to add products automatically. Using a template saves time by adding multiple products simultaneously instead of manually adding them one by one. Products are automatically updated when changes are made to the template.

Updating a template is simple and ensures that new products are added automatically when new product weights, strains, or other general attributes are included in the templates' attributes. Templates are required for adding Made to Order products.

Before you begin

A template uses the product attributes assigned to a category, which means product attributes and categories should be created before creating a template.

A template can be created from the Categories page or from the Templates tab on the Products page. 

Create a template from the Categories page

  1. Go to the Products menu from the Sales sidebar and click Categories.
  2. Click Create Templatecreate template step uni.png
  3. Add a Name, which will be the name of your template and will be used in the resulting product names.
  4. Select the Brand, Category, and assign a Default Trace Label for the products in the template if you have already created product labels.
    Once selected, the number of strains for the selected brand and category will be displayed, in addition to the total number of products that will be added. The number of possible products will depend on the number of different attribute terms added to the category. For example, if the category has 5 strains and 4 weights, 20 different products will be added, one for each unique combination of strain and weight.
    Screenshot 2023-09-21 at 12.18.59 AM.png
  5. If you'd like to use the pricing set when the category was created, check Use Category Price, otherwise you can set prices individually for each weight.
  6. The Pieces field allows you to set the number of pieces contained in the product's packaging if necessary, e.g. a 2-pack of 1g pre-rolls could be set up as a product with a weight of 1g and 2 pieces.
  7. Type an optional description and disclaimer for the template's products in the Product Description and Product Disclaimer fields.
  8. To add product samples to the template, click + Add Sample, then click the Sample Type drop-down and select the sample type.

    The number of samples will depend on the number of strains and/or general attributes in the selected attribute group. For example, if the attribute group contains 5 strains, then 5 samples will be added, one sample for each strain.

    The sample price field will default to $0 and can be edited as necessary.

  9. Select the Products Using This Template Are Made to Order (By Available Inventory) box if the products in this category are made to order products. Otherwise, products will be created as off the shelf products.
  10. Click Add to create the template and automatically add products. A window will be shown confirming the amount of new products to be added. Screenshot 2023-09-21 at 12.26.39 AM.png
  11. Click Confirm to confirm creating the template and products. You will be directed to the template's page where you can see the products created by clicking on the Products tab. Screenshot 2023-09-21 at 12.36.22 AM.png