Add a Vehicle

A vehicle selection is required when creating Pickup and Delivery outbound manifests to ensure proper tracking and compliance during the transportation of cannabis products.  This means all vehicles should be added in advance of creating outbound manifests.


Add a vehicle

  1. Go to the Transportation menu in the Trace sidebar and click Vehicles.
  2. Click Add.         
    • The Create Vehicle pop-up window will open.                                                                                 add.png
  3. Type the vehicle name in the Vehicle Name field.vehicle_name.png
  4. Type the vehicle color in the  Color field.                                                                                            color.png
  5. Type the vehicle make in the Make field.                                                                                            make.png
  6. Type the vehicle model in the Model field.                                                                                            model.png
  7. Click the calendar icon in the Year field and select the vehicle model year.                            year.png    
  8. Type the vehicle license plate in the Plate field.                                                                                  plate.png
  9. Type the vehicle's VIN number in the VIN field.                                                                                    VIN.png
  10. Click Save to save the vehicle.
    • The vehicle will appear on the Vehicles page and will be available for selection when creating outbound manifests.  Vehicles cannot be deleted but can be made invisible by clicking the vehicle's Visibility toggle. Invisible vehicles will not be available for selection when creating outbound manifests. To edit the vehicle's information, either click the vehicle's 3 dots icon and select Edit or click the pencil icon in the column containing the vehicle information to edit.