DOH Compliant Products (IsMedical) - Medical Product Overview (Washington)

The LCB has issued an official communication regarding tax exemption, effective June 6, 2024, per the law for DOH-compliant products. 

The Washington State Liquor and Cannabis Board's Cannabis Central Reporting System (CCRS) specifies that the IsMedical field can only be marked if:

  1. Test results have been uploaded and received (Bamboo will automatically upload your test results to CCRS for both source and end product lots).
  2. These results verify that the product meets the standards for compliant medical products

These standards are detailed in:

  • WAC 314-55-102
  • WAC 246-70-050

Ensure compliance with these regulations before marking any product as medical in the system.

When processing the manifest in Bamboo Trace, you'll notice a column labeled "Is Medical." You can manually select the compliant products or use the kebab menu next to "Auto Convert" on the right to bulk mark or unmark all items as medical.

Screenshot 2024-06-30 at 09.20.00.png


Screenshot 2024-06-30 at 09.20.42.png

Bamboo will automatically send this information to the Cannabis Central Reporting System (CCRS) after your order has been successfully published.

Starting June 6th, POS registers will be enabled to handle tax exemptions for medical patients purchasing DOH-compliant products.