Printing Labels (Printer Settings)

Bamboo makes it easy to print all your label needs for inventory, plants, products, propagations, and testing (QA) samples.

Instead of adjusting print settings within Bamboo, you simply need to modify your printer settings to suit your needs.

You can print directly from the browser when previewing the labels, or you can download the labels as a PDF.


To print multiple labels on a page, adjust your printer settings accordingly. Your printer should have the option to set how many pages to print per sheet of labels.

Example: If you need to print 5 tags horizontally or vertically, set your printer to print 5 pages per sheet. The "Custom 1x5" pages per sheet setting is what is important here. 

Depending on your browser, for example, if Microsoft Edge does not support setting custom pages per sheet, you may want to consider another browser or printing the PDF file using Adobe Acrobat or Adobe Acrobat Reader (complementary version), which includes the custom option and functionality. 




Another Example: Print four tags per sheet: