Bamboo Release v23.12.28 (November 28, 2023)

Here are the latest implementations, improvements, and bug fixes from Bamboo. These updates bring enhancements and fixes to various areas of Bamboo, improving functionality and user experience.



  • Fixed multiple bugs
  • Metrc 
    • Now waste reasons are state-dependent and are pulled from Metrc
    • Now inventory adjustment reasons are state-dependent and are pulled from Metrc
    • Enabled the manifest and invoice docs when the manifest is published 
  • Labels
    • Updated the barcodes to Code 128 


  • Fixed multiple bugs
  • Orders
    • Added the ability to export a CSV file with invoices that's able to be imported in Quickbooks
    • Now all orders placed from clients that have a VMI Rep assigned will have their "Placed By" field auto-completed with the VMI Rep name.
    • Added the ability to bulk change the "Placed By" field from the order list.
  • Added the ability to save filter presets on Performance Report, Opportunities Report, Campaign Report and Orders list