Creating a Manifest for CCRS (utilizing Manual Conversions, Auto Allocate, Auto Convert, and more)

After your orders have been submitted through Bamboo Sales, they will appear in Open statuses in Bamboo Trace under Manifests > Orders. Within this section, you have access to features such as Manage Allocation, Auto Allocate, Auto Convert, and Manual Conversion (Start Conversion).

Depending on your company's Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs), you may need to convert source products into end products to fulfill the orders. Alternatively, you can streamline the process with full automation using Auto Allocate (for already converted products) or Auto Convert (allowing Bamboo to handle automatic conversions).

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To simplify:

Conversions: Manual conversions, which can be completed before any orders are placed, and then Manage Allocation can be utilized.
Auto Allocate: Bamboo automatically allocates products that have already been converted for orders.
Auto Convert: Bamboo automatically converts products for orders.
Start Conversion: Specific product conversion tailored to the order.

The Auto Allocate tool on the Trace manifest page enables you to designate finished products for retrieval. Additionally, you have the option to assign products to your manifests in bulk.


The Auto Convert tool proves beneficial when there are no finished products available. This option initiates the conversion process, drawing from end products.


Once you have finished allocating and/or converting for the order, just save the changes, review the details, and publish the manifest. You also have the option to email all relevant documents (invoices, COAs, etc.) to your client, and all necessary information will be automatically reported to CCRS on your behalf.

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