Adding Bamboo as an Integrator in Washington State

Please visit: 

  1. Under Account, click on LicenseeScreenshot 2023-12-29 at 13.24.21.png
  2. Click on Edit
    Screenshot 2023-12-29 at 13.25.16.png
  3. Click on Manage Integrators 
  4. Select Bamboo Metrix
  5. Click Update
  6. Please notify us once you've added Bamboo Metrix. We'll confirm and then proceed with the next steps!

Have trouble logging in?

The LCB advised us that the email you enter when you first register on CCRS will validate against the email the LCB has on file for your license. This will be the email submitted with the most recent application to the LCB for the license. You should not run into any trouble if the Primary Email associated with your SAW account matches what the LCB has on file as the email associated with your license. A good way to tell if your SAW email matches what the LCB has on file is to verify that you are receiving your emailed reminders from the DOR about monthly B&O tax reporting in the same email account where you receive notices from the LCB.


The LCB has further advised:

  • The Primary license account email can be validated with your current WSLCB Licensing Specialist or at

    • Bamboo advises that you include your license number, a contact phone number, and the email address(es) you are using.

  • Only one SAW user can associate as the Primary Admin.

  • If the incorrect email is detected at this step, or another user in your organization has already completed this step, your account will be locked until you submit a ticket for assistance with the LCB at

To verify which email address your SAW account is associated with, you can do that by logging into your MyDOR account, then:


1. Click the Get Started button

2. Select Manage my profile in the upper right of the screen under your name

3. Select the Profile option

4. View the email address