Get Started with Portal

Portal is the central hub for Bamboo. It serves as the starting point where you can add and manage your organizations, licenses, and users by assigning predefined role-based permissions. Your account settings are also managed within Portal.

Step 1.  Add your organization(s)

Before you can start using Bamboo, it's essential to add your organization(s) as it serves as the foundation. Adding your organization is a necessary step before you can proceed with adding licenses and users.                               

Step 2.  Add your license(s)

To ensure compliance, at least one state license is required to use Bamboo. The required license information will depend on the state to which the license belongs.             

Step 3. Add your users and assign them the correct roles

All users/employees using Bamboo must be added as users and assigned the correct roles. A user can have multiple roles and a role determines a user's level of access. It is important to correctly assign roles, as they directly impact a user's level of access.           

Step 4. Settings

Changes regarding company information, time zone adjustments, and password updates can be modified here.