Create a Remarketing Email Campaign

A remarketing email campaign gives you the ability to remarket to clients who did not order after receiving an email campaign by editing the original campaign content, channel, or other factors to  reengage clients that did not place orders.

A remarketing campaign can be created from an active or completed link or email campaign.


Create a remarketing campaign

  1. Go to the Offers menu in the Sales sidebar and click Campaigns.
  2. To quickly find the campaign to remarket, click the search icon and type the name of the campaign.
  3. Click the campaign's Bamboo ID in the Bamboo ID column.
  4. For active campaigns click the campaign's 3 dot menu and select Create a Remarketing Campaign. For completed campaigns click the CREATE A REMARKETING CAMPAIGN button.  create_campaign_ellipsis.pngremarketing_campaign_button.png
  5. Type the remarketing campaign name in the Campaign Name field.

    The campaign Name field will auto-fill with the original campaign name by default.

  6. Click the Offer Selection drop-down and select the offer for which the campaign is being created.

    The Offer Section field will auto-fill with the original campaign's offer selection by default.

  7. Select Email in the Choose Channels to Use For The Campaign section.

    The original campaign channel will be selected by default.

  8. Click the Start Date field in the Campaign Period section and select the campaign period.  campaign_period.png
  9. Select Send Now, One Time, or Recurring in the Choose Campaign Schedule section to set the campaign schedule.

    Send Now - the campaign will be sent immediately and you will not be able to select a specific time.

    One Time - the campaign is sent once to clients on the date and at the time that you select.

    Recurring - select a frequency (every "x" amount of days) and a specific time to send the campaign periodically until the campaign period ends.

  10. Click Create to create the remarketing campaign.
    • You will be taken to the remarketing campaign detail page to edit the remarketing campaign email template and email settings as needed before sending the campaign.  The clients that did not place orders from the original campaign will automatically be added as remarketing campaign recipients and can be removed as needed.  Additional recipients can also be added to the campaign.