Manually Add an Inbound Manifest

Inbound manifests must be created prior to receiving incoming product shipments from other licensees.  Inbound manifests can be manually added or imported from a WCIA Link.

Before you begin

Before manually adding an inbound manifest, you must complete the following:

  • The inbound manifest sender must be added in Sales.
  • The inbound item strain(s) must be added.
  • The room(s) where the inbound manifest items will be located must be added.


Manually add an inbound manifest

  1. Go to the Manifests menu in the Trace sidebar and click Inbound.
  2. Click Add then click Add Manually.         
    • The Add Manually pop-up window will open.                                                                                    add_manually.png
  3. Click the Choose Sender Details drop-down and select the manifest sender.                                choose_sender_details.png
  4. Click the Arrival Date field and select the items' arrival date and time.                                 manifest_arrival.png
  5. Type the manifest external id in the Manifest External ID field.

    The external manifest ID is a unique number assigned by the outbound party's system to track inbound cannabis manifests. It links the inbound manifest to its corresponding record in the outbound system.

  6. Click Add.   
    • You will be taken to the manifest detail page to manually add and accept manifest items and receive the manifest.  The manifest will display an In Transit status until it has been received, rejected, or canceled.


Add items to an inbound manifest

  1. Click Add in the Manifest Items section.                                        add_manifest_items.png
  2. Click the Choose Inventory Type drop-down and select the manifest item(s) inventory type.     inventory_type.png 
  3. Click the Choose Category drop-down and select the manifest item(s) category. 

    If Plant was selected as the inventory type, the Choose Category field will be disabled by default.

  4. Click the Choose Item drop-down and select the manifest item(s). 

    If Plants, Propagations, or Inventory-Unlotted was selected as the inventory type, a list of strains belonging to the current license will be available for selection. 

    If Inventory-Source Products or Inventory-End Products were selected as the inventory type, a list of source products and end products will be available for selection.

  5. Type the inbound item quantities in the Quantity field. 

    If Plants was selected as the inventory type, the quantity will default to 1 and cannot be edited as plants must be individually added.

    For Propagations and Inventory-End Products, the quantities will be in units. 

    For Inventory-Unlotted and Inventory-Source Products, the quantities will be in grams.

  6. Type the manifest item code in the Code field.

    The external manifest item code refers to the unique code generated by the outbound party's integrator for each item listed in the inbound manifest.

  7. Type the optional lab result id in the Lab Result ID field.                                                              lab_result_id.png
  8. To add additional items from the selected inventory type, click + Add More then repeat steps 3 - 7.                                                                                                                                                                   add_more.png
  9. Click Add when all items have been added to the inbound manifest. 
  10. Click the pencil icon in the item's Accepted Qty column, type the quantity to accept then click the checkmark icon to save the item's accepted quantity.                                  Screenshot_2023-03-27_at_7.47.11_PM.png
  11. Click the pencil icon in the item's Total Price column, type the optional total price for the item(s), then click the checkmark icon to save the item's total price.        Screenshot_2023-03-27_at_7.47.11_PM.png
  12.  Click the pencil icon in the item's Room column, click the Room drop-down, and select a room for the inbound item(s), then click the checkmark icon to save the selected room.              Screenshot_2023-03-27_at_7.47.11_PM.png


Accept and receive the inbound manifest

  1. Click Accept All to accept all manifest items. 

    An item(s) cannot be accepted until an Accepted Quantity has been entered and a Room has been selected for the item(s)

    To accept specific manifest items, select the items, click Actions, and select Accept Selected Items or click the specific item(s) Accept button.

    Click the Reject button to reject a manifest item or Reject All to reject all manifest items.

    Click Cancelled to cancel the inbound manifest.  Canceled manifests can be deleted after being canceled.

  2. To receive the manifest, click the manifest Status drop-down and select Received.                      Screenshot_2023-03-27_at_7.52.37_PM.png
  3. Click Confirm to confirm receiving the manifest.
    • Once received, the manifest status will change to "Received" and cannot be edited. A Bamboo ID will be automatically generated for all accepted items, which will then become part of your inventory.