Create Custom Client Pricing

Custom client pricing uses pricing groups and sets client-specific pricing for products within a selected pricing group.  Before custom client prices can be set, a pricing group must first be created for use when setting custom client pricing.


Set custom client pricing

  1. Go to the Clients menu in the Sales sidebar and click Accounts.
    • You will be taken to the Accounts page.                                                                                          accts.gif
  2. Click the search icon and type the account name.                                                                             search_acct.gif
  3. Click the account's Bamboo ID in the Bamboo ID column to go to the account's detail page. bamboo_id.gif
  4. Click the Products tab on the account's page.                                                                                  prod_tab.gif
  5. In the Retailers Pricing section, click the Pricing Group drop-down and select a pricing group to use to create custom pricing. 

    After selecting the pricing group, click View Details to be taken to that pricing group's page.

  6. To assign custom pricing for products in the selected pricing group, click the Select this option to use custom price toggle. 

    Setting Custom Client Pricing will allow you to apply Default Pricing Layers when sending offers to the client. The application of Default Pricing layers means that if no offer price is entered when creating an offer, pricing will default to the Custom Client Pricing set for the products in that offer. If there is no set Custom Client Pricing then pricing will default to Pricing Group pricing, and if there is no Pricing Group pricing, pricing will default to the products base prices.

  7. Type the products' custom client pricing in the Price field. 

    The pricing entered will only be applied to the current client and not all clients in the selected group.

  8. To lock a product's custom pricing, check it's corresponding box in the Lock column. 

    To lock custom pricing for all products, click the Lock drop-down and select Lock All.

    When prices are locked, the locked prices will override all other prices regardless if those prices are lower than the locked prices.

  9. Click Save to save the custom client pricing.               
    • The custom client pricing will be available when applying pricing layers to offers.                                                                       save_cp.gif