Bamboo Release v23.2.8.1 (February 8, 2023)

Below are the most current  Bamboo updates.



  • Registration
    • Fixed a bug in which users received an error message when trying to register a new account
  • Organizations
    • Fixed a bug in which users received an error message when inputting "0" excise tax while adding/editing organizations


  • Products
    • Implemented ability to add sample to a template
    • Made numerous improvements to the Samples table
  •  Offers
    • Fixed a bug in which system displayed $0 price per gram on the offer menu
    • Improved mobile responsiveness when viewing and ordering samples on the offer menu
    • Fixed a bug in which users could create a campaign and send offer using the offer of an inactive merged inventory allocation
  • Orders
    • Added the ability to download an order manifest document after an order has been shipped.
    • Added license and brand information to Purchase Orders
    • Added ability to view manifests for approved orders


  • CCRS
    • Implemented automatic generation of order Sale files for CCRS upload

  • Conversions
    • Added Bamboo ID to Conversions
  • QA Samples
    • Implemented import of QA results from a JSON file/link
  • Products
    • Added Bamboo ID to Categories and Taxonomy
  • Manifests
    • Added restrictions when adding end products to Inbound manifests based on category selection and current license 
    • Replaced the company's logo, name, and address with the organization's logo, name, and address on manifests 
    • Updated order Manifests creation to License-Based instead of Brand-Based
    • Implemented download of product labels for an order manifest
    • Added the ability to manually add products to Inbound manifests
    • Added the ability to view the In Transit details of Inbound manifests