Add a Room Type

Selecting a Room Type (type of cultivation activity the room will be used for) is required when adding a room in Trace.  The different types of rooms must be added before adding rooms.


Add a room type

  1. Go to the Rooms menu in the Trace sidebar and click Room Types.
  2. Click Add.     
    • The Add Room Type pop-up window will open.                                                                              Screenshot_2022-12-07_at_2.45.13_PM.png
  3. Type a required room type name in the Name field.                                                                              Screenshot_2022-12-07_at_2.45.37_PM.png
  4. Click the Category drop-down and select a category for the room type.                    Screenshot_2022-12-07_at_2.45.51_PM.png                    
  5. Click Submit to save adding the room type.
    • The room type will appear on the Room Type page and be available for selection when adding rooms.  Room types cannot be deleted but they can be made invisible by clicking their Visibility toggle.